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Our solutions are focused on providing the best user experience. We have a 360° platform with all the features you need in your daily work just a few clicks away!

As a Manager or Employee, Pyneapp will show you another way to work and get organized.

Ready for the revolution?

We provide you with the basics Tools to manage your HR function in an easy, efficient and smart way! forget the spreadsheet and paper base solutions, our intuitive user interface simplify and automate the whole process

Save time and make data-driven HR decisions with PyneChart. We provide you with real-time data and reports on employee usage

Sort and track holiday, sickness, and absence management according to individualized employee policies. Streamline request and approval processes with Web App and our Mobile App following Local compliance

Empower your employees to manage desk and meeting room bookings via mobile devices and web applications. Work space helps social distancing, contact tracing & A safe return to work

Transparent cultures are ones where employees are both heard and included. Access your team, office and send company communication in one click.

Join the Future of Work! Flexible Time is an increasingly popular Employee Benefit. While some People like to get up bright and early, others prefer working late; giving your Employees the freedom to choose what time/day they prefer to work will provide them a better sense of control over their activities.

Bring the best out of your people by setting Goals, managing performance reviews, and tracking results. Identify top performers, ongoing feedback check-ins, self-assessments, and peer reviews help employees grow.

Talent acquisition managment suite that provides solutions for internal & external recruting. We provide a hire to end process including governance & aprroval flow.

We have the complete set of tools that your company needs. Choose the modules you need or bundle them with our Suite options.


Team Licenses

We automate requests for outputs and reports and enable tracking and full access to information with transparency.

• Submit clearance requests over the web or mobile

• Approve or reject requests quickly and easily

• Receive notifications in your workflow

• Track team requests and time off effortlessly in a convenient calendar view


PyneCalendar is an interactive calendar where you can:

• See who is available or not

• Request a break on a specific day

• Planning ahead: make sure that busy periods are covered and avoid conflicts

• Easily integrated with Google Calendar

All of this in one place!


On the main page we offer an overview of what is happening in your company, so that you are always up to date!

• Request status: Say goodbye to requests that fall on forgetfulness

• Celebrations: birthdays and anniversaries

• Summary calendar to see who is entering / leaving, working remotely,sick, etc. at first sight


Intuitive tool to create customized reports to suit your needs

• Automatically updated with real-time data

• Easily send monthly payroll reports

• Transfer data to the payroll accurately and error-free in processing



Save time and make data-driven HR decisions with PyneChart™. We provide real-time data, reports and analysis

• Holistic view of trends in slack, wear, wages, diversity and more

• Easily review data and download reports filtered by Insights from the entire system

• Our advanced filter allows you to view any data

• Analyze general company trends and employee status

• Analysis of people in any period of time

Time & Attendance


Intuitive and Cloud-based allows employees to manage their Online time

• Facilitate the entry and exit of employees in transit without missing a beat

• Intuitively track and manage employee hours


Manage overtime within your company to have both a burnout control among employees and a financial control

• Compare scheduled hours with overtime

• Predict time trends by analyzing employee behavior

• Receive reports directly on the payroll


PyneSchedule offers the flexibility that today's businesses need. Easily and quickly create and manage employee schedules in real time!

• Set schedules by employee, team, department or office

• Make changes and updates in real time based on your business needs

Work Space

Work Space

Encourage your employees to manage table and meeting room reservations using mobile devices

• Check table availability and reserve spaces

• Easily manage table and usage bookings - enforce social distance by selecting which spaces will be available


My team

Organize your teams by departments and allocate a leader to manage requests, exits and activities for each employee


Our dynamic organization chart provides a complete picture of relationships between people, teams and departments

• Customize your organization chart

• Go beyond the hierarchies of managers and reports and visualize the different connections between your team

My company

Enter all your company information. From the founding date to addresses of several offices


Worklife + ™ (Flexible Licenses)

Worklife + was born to bring more flexibility in the professional environment. We allow employees to decide, to a certain extent, their schedules work, leave, vacation and even location (home, coffee, etc.). We help organizations in optimizing the performance of their employees at work

Vacation Management

Administrators and managers are able to configure the company's vacation rules, view who is on vacation and when, and block important dates for everyone to be present at the company

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